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Labour pensions of about 90,000 people of the corresponding categories will be increased on the basis of the new Rules approved by the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev                   Minor residents of the rehabilitation institution met with servicemen

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Social Protection Development Project.

Social Protection Development Project

      The Social Protection Development Project (SPDP) has been effective since March 17, 2009 following the Credit Agreement 4418AZ signed between the International Development Association and the Government of Azerbaijan on November 28, 2008.

     Project aims to build the MISPP capacity, develop institutional and human resources, and increase the efficiency of labour market interventions and social protection services by improving targeting nature of social safety nets. The project will help to increase the quality of governance and transparency in the public sector by improving management and operations of the MLSPP.

    The SPDP will assist in establishment of improved labour market institutions, policies and programs allowing to make more efficient use of labour resources and creation of an efficient labour resources pool adapted to up-to-date requirements of market economy and support sustainable and balanced development of non-oil sector by developing modern social safety nets to assist individuals and their families to minimize the risks related with integration into labour market.

     The project consists of 4 components: a) Labour Market Reforms; b) MLSPP Capacity Building and Development of Social Safety Nets; c) Pension System Development; d) Project Management.
     The consulting services provided within the project activities include:
     - Technical Assistance to Improve the Performance of the State Employment Service. This assignment aims to improve employment services such as job search, job fairs, relationship with employers, small business counseling services etc.
     - Development of modular training programs. Modular training was created as an alternative to traditional training and covers all of the best pedagogical theories and practices. The given subcomponent aims to develop new modular training programs and support establishment of new regional vocational training centers.
     - Development of improved occupational standards according to ISCO-88/08 and relevant training standards (see: www.dios.az). The main objective of this activity is to increase competitiveness of Azeri specialists in the global market. It aims to support development of 200 occupational standards, 100 training standards and 200 occupational standards assessments.
     - Performance Information and Management System for the State Employment Service. The overall objective of this task is to develop performance information and management system to support cost-effective delivery of labor market programs supported by the Employment Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and guide program management of active labor market programs.
     - Development of Professional Orientation Services to Youth. This Assignment mainly aims to develop a concept for establishment of Professional Orientation Centers for Youth, to improve counseling services on professional orientation and skills development, and design different learning and vocational qualification evaluation tests.
     - Virtual enterprises or practice firms. The overall objective of this particular activity is to improve interactive learning, obtain and develop business skills, and introduce jobseekers and students into the day-to-day business life and labor market reality using a concept of a practice firm/virtual enterprise.
     - Enhancing the capacity of the State Labour Inspection Service. The goal of the consulting services is to provide assistance to the Action Plan on implementation of the SLIS strategy compatible with international requirements.
     - Survey on economic activity of the population in Azerbaijan. The survey is related with the requirement to develop database incorporating both social and economic and demographic aspects of labour market on the status of workforce. The given database will facilitate efficient implementation of issues related with labour market regulation and employment policy in our country.
     - Development of monitoring and evaluation guidelines for social protection programs and costs, and living standards as well as enhancing the capacity of the Department of Analysis of Quality of Life and Actuarial Estimates. It aims to evaluate the impact of social protection programs and social policy by improving monitoring and evaluation methods and techniques which will lead to strengthened capacity of the MLSPP.
     - Consulting services for institualization and operationalization of the Social Assistance Fund for low income families. The task seeks to involve beneficiary families of Targeted Social Assistance (TSA) program in active schemes with an aim to achieve their activity.

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