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Labour pensions of about 90,000 people of the corresponding categories will be increased on the basis of the new Rules approved by the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev                   Minor residents of the rehabilitation institution met with servicemen

Structure / Head office / Department of personnel and personnel training

Azerbaijan Republic
Department of personnel and personnel training 

The Department of Human resources - structural unit of Ministry of Labor and People’s Social Defence, carries out control for application of normative legal acts adopted in the civil service and labor legislation fields on activities of the Ministry Apparatus sections, the institutions including to its structure and under its subordination, choice of staff for civil service on the basis of contest and interview, their placement, civil servants’ and Ministry collaborators’ who are not civil servants obeying code of ethics, implements arrangement and adjustment of the issues on improvement of professional training of civil servants, their assessment and social protection, as well as the other matters concerning civil service and labor relations, makes an compulsory, legal examination of legal acts related to an appropriate field, takes part in preparing international contract projects in the fields conformable with activity directions between Azerbaijan and the other countries.

The department in its activity is guided by the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, Law of the Azerbaijan Republic “On civil service” and the other laws, decrees and orders of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, decisions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Regulation on Ministry of Labor and People’s Social Defence of the Azerbaijan Republic” and the other statutes, commands and orders of a minister of Labor and People’s Social Defence, Board decisions of the Ministry and the Regulation of the department. While fulfilling its obligations and exercising its rights, the department operates in mutual coordination with the structures of the Ministry, as well as central and local executive powers, local self-government bodies and non-governmental organizations.

The structure and the number of collaborators of the department are identified and approved by a minister. The department is directly subordinated to a minister and gives a report only to him. No one is allowed to interfere in department’s activity except a person authorized by a Minister.

A person (head of the department) assigned to and dismissed from a position by a minister guides activity of the department. Head of the department has a deputy assigned to and dismissed from a position by a minister under his presentation.

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