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An individual residential house was presented to the family of National Hero in Zagatala district                   The State Labour Inspectorate Service held an awareness raising event children’s right in the field of labour relations in Ganja city

Structure / Head office / Department of labour policy
Department of the Labour Policy of the
Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Labor Policy Department of the Ministry of Labor and People’s Social Defence carries out state policy in the field of labor remuneration and labor relations, working conditions, labor protection, is engaged with preparation of reports on implementing organizational and preliminary measures concerning protection of workers’ labor rights, ratification of applicable International Labor Organization conventions together with state bodies, improving labor legislation via application of the conventions ratified, fulfilling the tasks concerned with the decrees and orders signed by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, carrying out joint actions with executive power bodies, realizing events appropriately meant in the approved state programs.
    The department also implements measures in preparing reviews and suggestions for normative documents compiled by central executive power bodies and local executive power bodies, answering an appeal and inquiry of institutions and organizations, establishing and improving a due normative base related to labor protection, holding correspondences with institutions and organizations on labor protection for determining work places with hard and severe working conditions, realizing assessment of work places etc.
    The structure and the number of collaborators of the department are identified and approved by a minister. The structure of the department includes the sectors of Working conditions, Labor protection, Labor remuneration and Labor relations.
    Head of the department assigned to and dismissed from a position by a minister guides activity of the department. Head of the department has a deputy assigned to and dismissed from a position by a minister under his presentation.
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