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Labour pensions of about 90,000 people of the corresponding categories will be increased on the basis of the new Rules approved by the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev                   Minor residents of the rehabilitation institution met with servicemen

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A press-conference was held about investigation of a group of heirs’ applications who claimed that they had not received a one-off payment earlier

The documents confirming the payment of insurance premiums to these heirs were once again publicly disclosed.

A press-conference on the work carried out in connection with the investigation of heirs’ appeals who claimed that they had not received a one-off payment for martyred military servicemen, was held at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population.

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Idris Isayev underlined that the memory of the heroes who were martyred in the battle for the protection of the territorial integrity of our country is cherished by each of us and always remembered with respect. Strengthening of social protection of family members of our martyrs is one of the main directions of Mr. Ilham Aliyev's social policy. In the country, families of martyrs are being provided with new apartments, Presidential grants, retirement and allowance, and these payments are constantly increasing. A number of privileges and social benefits are reflected in the legislation for martyrs' families, and the tuition fees of the children of martyrs’ families in the higher and secondary vocational education institutions of our republic are paid at the expense of the state budget.

I.Isayev highlighted that the Decree No. 1 of the President dated 19 of April 2018 is a further manifestation of special care for the families of martyrs. He stated that according to the decree, the Commission established by the Ministry in the direction of one-off payments (11000 manat) to the heirs of the martyred servicemen carried out all the necessary work. A fully transparent procedure for this payment has been developed.

97 percent of heirs of military servicemen killed to the date of August 2, 1997 for territorial integrity of our country have already checked their right to get one-off payment in the “One-off payment” program on the official website (http://www.mlspp.gov.az). Notarized heirs’ documents submitted to the Ministry are currently being analyzed and lists to the related institutions are sent to transfer funds to make one-off payment.

Deputy Minister noted, however, a group of heirs who were previously provided with a payment for martyred servicemen, and therefore has no right to one-off payment, claimed that they have never received insurance compensation. These heirs have been received several times in the Ministry. All of applications have been examined together with the authorities and have been provided with relevant supporting documents. Among these documents there are also certificates of inheritance issued to the complainants for the receipt of payment by the notary offices.

Today, those claiming heirs have been accepted by the ministry. Documents on the fact of receiving insurance and reissued certificates of inheritance drawn up in notary offices of the Ministry of Justice for payment were presented and detailed explanatory work was carried out.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Insurance Commerce Company Mr.Aftandil Hajiyev firstly, gave information about the laws of the existing legislation on insurance payment for servicemen martyred in the period of August 1997 and the procedure of insurance payment.

He stated that the payout of the heirs at that time was registered in the book, which was sealed and approved as an official document in accordance with the instructions in force. 

In certificates of inheritance given by the notary offices based on citizens’ applications are reflected notes about receiving of those insurance premiums. Then, based on these certificates, checks were issued to heirs and they received funds from banks on the basis of these documents.

Complainants were also given explanations about this.

Then, A.Hajiyev publicly disclosed the archive documents reflecting the fact that the claimant heirs had received insurance payment in time.

Himalay Mamishov, head of the Ministry's Social Security Policy Department, said that while investigating the appeals, had been identified that some of them had the right to receive one-off payment, but submitted incorrect request in the "One-time Payment" section on the Ministry's official website, and therefore got the response that they has no such right. It was also reported that these persons were entitled to one-off payment.

At the press-conference were answered journalists’ questions.

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