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A seminar on "Preventing forced labor and human trafficking" was held

The next seminar held by the State Labour Inspectorate Service under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan to raise awareness on labor legislation and its application in accordance with the relevant Action Plan, was dedicated to the topic of "Preventing forced labour and human trafficking".
It was stressed in the seminar held with the participation of individual employers operating in the service area of the State Labour Inspectorate of the Service for region number 2 that forced labour was prohibited by law. It was also brought to the attention that our country has joined the Convention No. 29 of the International Labour Organization "On forced labour", and the principles emerging from these documents are also reflected in national legislation.
It was stated that according to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, nobody might be forced to work; nobody may be forced to conclude labour agreement. This constitutional principle is also reflected in national labour legislation. According to the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan: "It shall be prohibited to oblige an employee to perform a job not included in his job description through any kind of duress or under the threat of termination of the employment contract. Offenders shall be held liable under legally established procedure".
However, forced labour shall be permitted in connection with military and emergency situations if the work is performed under the supervision of relevant national authorities under the relevant law or court order.
In the seminar, it was also spoken about the involvement of forced labour in the crime of human trafficking. It was stated that forced labour is a form of people exploitation. Measures undertaken by the State Labour Inspectorate Service for the prevention of forced labour, the work carried out towards social rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking and potential victims of human trafficking, provision of necessary assistance by the Center for Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking of the State Social Protection Fund under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population were also brought to the attention.

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