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An awareness raising event on children’s right in the field of labour relations was held

The State Labour Inspectorate Service under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan held an awareness raising event on children’s right in the field of labour relations in Khazar district of Baku.
In the event organized in the Republican Humanitarian Subjects Gymnasium named after A.S.Makarenko within the framework of the "Child rights month", representatives of the State Labour Inspectorate Service and State Labour Inspectorate of the Service for region number 1(Khazar and Sabunchu districts of Baku), the section of Khazar District Police Department on prophylactic measures with minors, individual employers, directors of a number of schools in the region, heads of the mentioned Gymnasium, teachers and senior pupils attended.
In the event, it was noted that Azerbaijan has joined the UN Convention "On the Rights of the Child, the Universal Declaration "On the protection, survival and development of children" and other relevant international documents in the past period. Also Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labour Organization "On the minimum age" and "The worst forms of child labour" have been ratified. Today, our country has a legislative base in line with the progressive world experience on children. At the same time, national legislation reflects progressive and humanist approaches in relation to child labour. Under the Labour Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, anyone under the age of 15 may be a party to a labour contract as a worker. When concluding an employment contract with persons aged 15 to 18, a written consent must be obtained from their legal representatives, their parents or adoptive parents, guardians, or persons substituting them by law. It is also prohibited by law to involve them in activities that are incompatible with the activities which may endanger the life and health of such persons, their morality, and yet unformed physiological characteristics.
During the event, additional guarantees and concessions provided by labour legislation on working places where the use of labour of persons under 18 years of age is prohibited, labour conditions, time and duration of employment, vacation so on, additional conditions, obligations, which must be provided by the employer to increase their occupational skills, were brought to the attention. Information on the work carried out by the State Labour Inspectorate Service together with relevant agencies in the field of prevention of child labour exploitation was given. It was also emphasized that the service pays special attention to the awareness of children in the area of labour relations.
The questions of teachers and pupils on the relevant topic were also answered in the event.

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