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A meeting with representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan was held at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population                   A seminar on "Preventing forced labor and human trafficking" was held

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The minister of labour and social protection of population Salim Muslumov met with residents of 5 districts in Shamkir district (VIDEO

The minister of labour and social protection of population of the Republic of Azerbaijan Salim Muslumov received individually the residents of Shamkir district and Gadabay, Tovuz, Agstafa, Gazakh districts in Shamkir district.
The appeals were related to issues of provision of privileged persons with housing and rehabilitation means, determination of the rights to different types of social security, provision of employment, labour legislation, insurance and pension relations, , assisting in recovery treatment, involvement in active labour market programs and so on. A part of the appeals of citizens on the mentioned issues were in the form of survey, and detailed explanations in accordance with the legislation on the relevant issues given to them. And the issues reflected in other appeals were responded by carefully examining in the presence of senior officials of the relevant structural units of the ministry.
At the meeting with citizens, S.Muslumov stated that measures of provision of privileged persons with housing are being continued: "As a continuation of the implementation of the Order of the President of Azerbaijan Mr.Ilham Aliyev dated 20 June 2014, nearly 600 Karabakh war invalids and families of martyrs have been provided with housing which were built in accordance with modern requirements by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population in 2015-2016 and in the past period of this year. Also in this period, nearly 35 individual residential houses have been built and presented to Karabakh war invalids and families of martyrs in Shamkir, Gadabay, Tovuz, Agstafa, Gazakh districts. At present, more 15 houses are being built in these districts that final construction work have already done in some of them. It is also planned to build houses for other Karabakh war invalids and families of martyrs who are in the queue in these five districts".
The issue of employment of citizens appealed for jobs and their family members were investigated on the spot. Separate persons were informed about the empty (vacant) workplaces in enterprises on the territory where they live and provided with notifications to the vacant workplaces of their choice. S.Muslumov stated that the measures taken to stimulate the development of the agricultural sector, as well as commissioning Shamkirchay and Tovuzchay water reservoirs in recent years, the launching of the operation of industrial park in Agstafa district, the foundation of agropark in Shamkir and etc. allowed the development of agriculture in this region, as a result increasing employment opportunities with the expansion of labour-intensive areas on traditional agricultural sectors: "In parallel with these processes, active employment measures are  also continued and in January-April this year, the employment of 29 137 people has been provided by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population. Including in the last 4 months,  the provision of 1 634 people with suitable jobs in Shamkir, Gadabay, Tovuz, Agstafa, Gazakh districts through employment agencies of the ministry has been carried out. The self-employment program covers also these 5 districts. Those who were registered as unemployed and jobseekers and appealed to take part in self-employment program have been also involved in the training courses. Business plans of 102 people of the graduates of the courses on Shamkir, Gadabay, Tovuz, Agstafa, Gazakh districts have been considered successful and the issues of giving them the assets to establish their farms, family businesses are currently carried out".
Instructions on acceptance in recovery treatment in rehabilitation institutions of the ministry, the provision of various prosthetic-orthopedic products and rehabilitation means, the involvement in vocational training and further education courses on competitive professions in labour market, and so on were given to responsible persons of relevant structures of the ministry.
At the meeting with citizens S.Muslumov emphasized that today labour relation, the appointment of social assistance, disability assessment, the insurance and pension systems operate on a fully automated infrastructure.
Speaking with satisfaction about the successful outcome of the reforms carried out for provision of sustainable economic development in the country, the important steps taken towards the solution of social issues, as well as complex measures aimed at increasing employment opportunities of people in rural areas, the citizens coming to the reception expressed their gratitude to the President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev.
Appeals of citizens that are not within the scope of the activity of the ministry were registered for delivery to the appropriate authorities.

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